The New Site

Well theAxeRant has undergone a large change.  The old site had been slowly getting more and more run down and it was time to dump the old content from all the previous years and start a fresh new site.

The original web site started out as a way to learn about html and about linux.  It was hosted on an old machine that was not being used for anything else.

The last time that the site was redone was to get everything into wordpress, which is a great blogging platform.  But the installation that I was running on was updated for years and years and it showed with all the legacy parts still creeping around the page.

If you are curious, one of the pages that I kept from the old server was my server information page.  Which tells the tale of the journey of this web page from a small old machine to the current cloud based installation it runs on today.

Author: Axe
I am a senior developer. Ride my motorcycle whenever I can. Love photography, hiking, camping, cooking, coding, and cheese cake!

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