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The myth, the man, the legend

Hello my name is Ryan “Axe” Howe and I am from Milford, MA…

Well, well, well … lets see.  I was born in California and have lived in Ohio, Connecticut, Texas, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida and of course California.

I graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in 05′.  I started working on a minor in Computer Science but unfortunately did not finish the requirements for the minor.

I was an E.M.T. (emergency medical technician … a.k.a. ambulance driver) for eight years in the lovely city of Lowell MA (Heroin capital of New England) with Trinity E.M.S. Inc.  Though it was an eye opening experience it was a good one.  You learn a lot about people and a lot of medicine working on the ambulance.  While at Trinity I was able to work though the last few years of college while being a 911 dispatcher.  I meet a lot of great people, and a lot of people I never want to see again.  But I do miss some of the fun we had and people I had it with.

While at Trinity I got the chance to be one of the charter members of a new motorcycle club starting to branch out from Florida.  Fire & Iron Motorcycle Club Station 28 started as the first Station north of Georgia back in 2004.  We have gone through a lot of growing and learning but we are still going strong.  I’m looking forward to a lot of fun years with the club and the guys who make it up.  I moved stations to Station 60 in Rhode Island, while I lived there.  And most recently I am a member of Station 128 in Blackstone Valley MA.

From Trinity I moved on to work as a Product Application Engineer and Programmer with a small company JNJ Industries in Franklin, MA.  My primary responsibilities include programming support for the interoffice applications.  As well as Application Engineering for new products and industries.

I went from there to working for a company in Concord, MA.  OneSource Information Services where I work as a web application developer (programmer) and primarily as a Database Programmer.  It’s a great job that changes every day.  The group that I worked with were basically the in-house consultants.  That means that we work on new projects all of the time.

After that I worked as a senior web developer at Audit Analytics, were we primary pull data for publicly traded companies.  Specializing on the Audit information obtained.

Currently I work from home form TrueCar as a software engineer.

When I am not at work I am working on my computer, either on new programming ideas or working on my server (which this web page resides).  Or of course reading away with all of my programming books … as I am a power geek!  When the weather here in New England is above freezing I try and get outside whenever I can, either on my motorcycle or out camping.

Other than that I have interests in photography, custom bike building, classic cars, and flying.

Anything else you’d like to know you?  Then email me or take a look at my Journal Page for the most up to date info on what’s going on with me.

Rhode’s Law:
When any principle, law, tenet, probability , happening, circumstance, or result can in no way be directly, indirectly , empirically, or circuitously proven, derived, implied, inferred, induced , deducted, estimated, or scientifically guessed, it will always for the purpose of convenience, expediency, political advantage, material gain, or personal comfort, or any combination of the above, or none of the above , be unilaterally and unequivocally assumed, proclaimed, and adhered to as absolute truth to be undeniably, universally, immutably, and infinitely so , until such time as it becomes advantageous to assume otherwise , maybe.


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