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I am a senior developer. Ride my motorcycle whenever I can. Love photography, hiking, camping, cooking, coding, and cheese cake!
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Raspberry Pi radio project

I found the Pimoroni Pirate Radio project based off a Raspberry Pi Zero W and I just loved the idea… read more Raspberry Pi radio project

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SQL Order By Cheat Sheet

This is a cheat sheet that I have put together for keeping track of the results of ordering different types… read more SQL Order By Cheat Sheet

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The Real Key to Finding a Home

Everyone says that real estate is all about location, location, location.  And I agree completely! But the real reasoning is… read more The Real Key to Finding a Home

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Python virtualenv and crontab

I created a small simple bot in python to download the updated GeoNames daily updated files to be processed by… read more Python virtualenv and crontab

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Rounding is the representation of a number in a shorter, simpler or more explicit way. Its intended purpose is to… read more Rounding

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INSERT IGNORE is used in our organization to insert new records and ignore records that have the same primary key…. read more MySQL INSERT IGNORE

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Using JOIN for Suppression

We usually use JOIN to find the intersection between two different tables.  For example, if you want all the orders… read more Using JOIN for Suppression

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Motorcycle Essentials

I have been riding on two wheels for the past twenty years now. I have definitely noticed a rapid increase… read more Motorcycle Essentials

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Amtrak Trip to Freeport ME : Part 2 – The Trip

The trip finally was able to happen after all the planning from Part 1.  On Saturday April 26th, 2014 Dad,… read more Amtrak Trip to Freeport ME : Part 2 – The Trip

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Amtrak Trip To Freeport ME : Part 1 – The Plan

The Downeaster Amtrak train has service from North Station in Boston all the way to Brunswick Maine!  I was able… read more Amtrak Trip To Freeport ME : Part 1 – The Plan