The Real Key to Finding a Home

Everyone says that real estate is all about location, location, location.  And I agree completely! But the real reasoning is a little different than you might think. I live on a little road called Ridge rd. Does not seem like there should be anything wrong with that, until you have to give that address to a deliver person.

No not every deliver person, nor everyone talking a phone call from a restaurant or any other service that comes to your house or delivers a good to you speaks English as their primary language.  Once you start trying to say the word “Ridge” with varying accents some of the mistakes makes themselves apparent, especially when you are hearing them over the phone.

The short popular list for alternatives is “Bridge”, “Rich”, “Rage”, “Rick”, “Rim”, “Ray”, “Raw”, “Rug”, “Rib”, “Reach” … to name a few.  Which is why we phonetically spell out the road name every time order something.

Most of the people who we spell out the street name to seem to be annoyed by it, since it does take a little longer to do it.  However we feel it is important every time we say the street to spell it out for people. 

A compounding issue, I believe, is that “Ridge” is not that common a word.  It is just not a word that comes up in conversation often, even if English IS your primary language.  When you are not quite certain what you heard you tend to try and fill it in with the most common word that would work.  Unfortunately in the case of a street name there is no context to work off of.

So, long winded way of getting to my point.  When you chose your house.  Make sure you think hard about the address you are choosing, you will have to say that address a lot of times during you life in your home.

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